All the big developers and developers have commissions built into their budgets to pay real estate agents to bring in buyers.

You may be interested in these types of new construction properties, where you will find great discounts on closing costs and can receive great savings overall.

What do you think if you also receive from us 70% of the commission that is allocated to our services?
So we are talking about thousands of dollars that you receive just by contacting us.

These commissions often range from 3% to 7% depending on the developer and are only given to real estate agents who present themselves with their clients on the site. If for any reason you do not use an agent you will not have any discount on the sale price.

Therefore, I recommend that you use a buyer’s agent with years of experience and send you a check for 70% of the commission offered!!

…You could receive 70% of your agent’s commission, and it is something very simple and motivating for you!

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